Samurai Billy character, art by Andrew MacLean

Jamie Gambell has been self publishing comic book stories since 2009, when his first full issue of the horror mini-series, Omnitarium, was part of the Indie Comic Book Week release.

A year later he started work on his long-planned, long-form sci-fi superhero adventure, The Hero Code, with artist Jonathan Rector. The book has seen many delays, and a few changes in artist (such is the lot of the self publisher!), but continues to this day, and can be found on Comixology.

Other books published by him under the Monkey Pipe Studios banner are Department O, with Andrew MacLean, The Hero Code Theatre of War mini-series, with art by Agustin Calcagno and Gary Lister, and The Black Wraith, by various artists and writers.

He has also had stories published in Nix Comics Quarterly, SCAMthology (by ComixTribe), and Samurai The Graphic Novel.

By day he works as a Production Sound Mixer in films and television, and as a dad and husband. He loves the medium of comics, and thinks that self publishing is where some of the best work can be found.